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About My Services:

Accounting and Bookkeeping:
I perform traditional accounting services to include bookkeeping, write-ups, and financial reporting. In addition, I work with clients to provide services that may require financial forecasts and projections to help them answer "what if" questions and to make better business decisions. I also provide Quickbooks consulting to small businesses which is composed of initial set-up, training, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Tax Preparation and Planning:
I provide both tax planning and preparation services. The planning services include tax projections and tax saving strategies to individuals and businesses. The preparation services are for individual and all types of business tax returns to include corporate, partnership, payroll, and sales. In addition, I prepare returns for non-profit organizations, trusts, and estates. I am also well versed in the tax code and have the technical expertise to deal with sophisticated tax issues.

Personal Financial Planning:
I provide personal financial planning for individuals and families. It encompasses investment, retirement, income tax, education, insurance, and estate planning. In addition, it entails analyzing and preparing personal budgets and financial statements. It is a continuing process as individuals and families encounter personal and economic changes, and I can help them to adapt to these changes. More importantly, these services will inevitably help individuals and families achieve overall financial security, goals, and discipline.

Small Business Advisory Services:
I provide business advisory services to help small businesses increase profits, expand, and run more smoothly. I can implement a written business plan which will help your business grow and become more diversified. Secondly, I can prepare financial statements to help your business qualify for financing. Thirdly, I can help increase sales and expand business operations by the use of advertising, pricing, and financing methods. Fourthly, I can implement a budget plan, and it will result in the lowering of business expenses significantly. In addition, I can create or improve accounts receivable reports to increase the amount of collections and also to shorten the time to receive them. Finally, I can improve the system for recording accounting transactions and internal controls which will improve accounting efficiency and protect against fraud.

IRS Representation and Settlement:
I, with a power of attorney, can represent individuals and businesses before the IRS that owe large back tax debt as a result of unforeseen circumstances. The services that I can provide are as follows: First, I can request the IRS to grant either a monthly installment or offer in compromise which are affordable plans for taxpayers to help them pay off back tax debt. A monthly installment plan allows the payment of back tax debt in equal monthly affordable installments within the time left in the ten year period during which the IRS can collect from individuals and businesses. On the other hand, an offer in compromise is an agreement with the IRS to settle the unpaid back tax debt for less than the full amount. In addition, I can also help release any tax liens and levies which are usually filed by the IRS when large back tax debt is owed. A tax lien gives the IRS a legal claim to property as security for the payment of back tax debt which may be filed in public records. The result of this is that it will notify creditors that they have a claim against personal or business property and this can inevitably hurt credit rating. A levy is the next serious step filed after a lien. It is a legal seizure of property to satisfy a back tax debt. Lastly, I can under certain circumstances, request the IRS to abate interest and penalties which accrue over time on the principal of back tax debt.

Bankruptcy Tax, Debt, and Credit Consulting:
I can advise on how filing for bankruptcy can be an option to erase debts including some or all IRS and state back tax debt. In addition, I can advise on ways to restore credit after filing for bankruptcy.

Forensic Accounting Services:

I can examine accounting records to value assets, liabilities, income, and expenses to ensure equitable distribution of marital property and when required to get to a proper payment agreement for alimony/child support. Secondly, this would include in certain circumstances to perform accounting tests to value a spouse’s business if part of marital property. Thirdly, I can perform accounting tests to search for possible hidden assets or income when one spouse suspects the other of doing so.

Business Valuation
I can perform business valuations for purchasers and sellers of businesses. This can include different accounting tests to determine the value of a business so a sales or purchase price can be agreed upon. In addition, the business valuations when required can include determining the value of goodwill. Goodwill is the intangible value of the business such as reputation, name, recognition, and location which is the value beyond the hard assets of the company. This aspect is also included in determining the agreed upon purchase or sales price.

I can examine accounting records to help settle debts in order to determine an allocation to creditors as part of the reorganization plan. In addition, I can investigate whether a debtor has taken avoidance actions. These actions consist of transfers to third parties to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors. This also includes payments deemed preferential that favor one creditor over another. Finally, in certain circumstances I can prepare pro forma financial statements to show the financial effects of the reorganization plan, which would help creditors, debtor, and other interest parties whether to accept plan or not.

I can provide accounting services to help insurance companies and the insured estimate and calculate the claim amount for business interruption and property loss policies. I will for business interruption policies examine financial business records to assess the damages that occur. In addition, I will help calculate a claim amount to compensate for the lost profits, revenues, and expenses as a result of a business interruption event such as a fire, hurricane, or other catastrophe. In addition, this will include calculating the costs related to restoring the business to get it running again. Finally, I will for property damage loss engagements help calculate a claim amount for the property damaged by examining financial records and also use a financial method to help value the property

Expert Witness
I can work with an attorney for particular accounting issues as an expert witness. This can encompass testifying in either depositions and trials on accounting matters. In addition, this entails writing opinion or fact expert reports, which I would use when giving testimony and it helps win cases.

Commercial Damage
I can as an expert witness perform commercial damage engagements for businesses damaged by either a tort or breach of contract. I can prepare accounting reports to show how either the tort or breach of contract caused a business entity lost profits, lost sales, and other expenses. The reports would also include “would if” scenarios, such as how a business would of done better financially if the tort or breach of contract had not occurred. Finally, the accounting reports can also help get either financial settlements or awards for damages that occurred.

Personal Damage
I can as an expert witness perform personal damage engagments for individuals and their family members damaged by wrongful terminations, permanent disability, and wrongful death. I can prepare accounting reports to show lost wages, fringe benefits, and retirement benefits that a person and family members would lose over a future projected time period as a result of a person not being able to work anymore. In addition, the accounting reports will show a calculation for the total financial loss which can help get financial settlements. The financial settlements would replace the lost financial benefits from working and help a person to support themselves and family members.

Estate Valuation
I can examine accounting records of descendents to help both beneficiaries and trustees determine the value of the assets of the estate. This can include determining the value of both personal and business assets. The value determined will help with the equitable distribution of the estate assets.

Employee Fraud
I can examine business accounting records and perform various accounting tests to investigate whether an employee is committing fraud in a business. Employee fraud can involve things like check tampering, theft of cash, accounts receivable fraud, inventory fraud, credit card fraud, and money laundering. I can also recommend internal control measures and policies to prevent or minimize employee fraud from occurring.

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